10 Things Buyers should NOT DO

Don’t sabotage your home financing goals by making some obvious and not-so-obvious moves with your

finances. Check out the list below for the top 10 things not to do when in the process of buying or refinancing.#


1. Transfer money between accounts, unless receiving complete documentation from your  bank,

itemizing all transfers

2. Make unnecessary checking or savings account transactions, such as withdrawals or deposits.

3. Leave an existing job

4. Allow your bank accounts to go into a negative balance, even if you have overdraft protection.

5. Take out cash advances on credit cards or apply for credit in any form, including credit for major

purchases (such as a car or furniture), or apply for credit to consolidate or change existing credit.

6. Co-sign on any debt with a family member or anyone else.

7. Ask a tenant to move out, or give your landlord notice that you are moving out.

8. Delay paying all debts on time

9. Pay disputed accounts or bills in collection with collection agencies without speaking to your Loan officer

10. Have a friend or family member pay for anything related to the purchase of the home (appraisal,

earnest money, down payment, etc), since gifts are only allowed under certain guidelines.